FIRSTPRINCIPLE; Martin Secker, Joe Yates & Patrick Hogg, are a young original band from the East Coast of Yorkshire, UK. Formed in December 2011 FIRSTPRINCIPLE create and perform their own music, playing venues around the UK and love every minute of it…

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Name: Martin Secker

An accomplished guitarist and former Yorkshire Young Musician, Martin has been playing Guitar, gigging, and writing songs for over seven years. He loves music, from modern ‘djent’ to R&B, which comes through in his playing style and performance. His set-up consists of Ibanez Guitars with Ernie Ball strings, through dual Marshall amps.

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Name: Patrick Hogg

Patrick’s passionate about music, and owns a wide range of musical instruments. He’s been playing bass since the age of 15. Patrick uses an Ernie Ball OLP Stingray bass through two English Carlsbro 150 amps.  He loves Bass because ‘it sounds deep and rich’


Name: Joe Yates

Joe’s been playing Drums in bands with Martin since he was 13. Joe takes a creative approach to percussion,  searching for patterns which make a difference. He has a modern fusion style, which is reflected in his choice of drum kit – a Mapex with custom set-up, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals and Evans heads.


FIRSTPRINCIPLE is Martin Secker, Joe Yates, Patrick Hogg three teenage friends from the East Coast of Yorkshire. They met at School and in 2011 formed the original band FIRSTPRINCIPLE.
FIRSTPRINCIPLE create and perform their own music, built around the writing and performance talent of guitarist / front man Martin Secker backed by drummer Joe Yates and bassist Patrick Hogg. The agenda is ‘new rock’… clean sweeping riffs meeting acute drum work with punchy basslines.
Martin, Joe and Patrick are hardworking and see this as their career.

We played our new single ‘Never Back Down’ and a brand new song ‘Extra-ordinary’ for the first time during our first Live Radio Session with Alan Raw on BBC introducing Humberside on Saturday 11th October 2014.

2015 has been great so far. We have a very busy live gig schedule across the North and Midlands, gigging most weekends. We opened ‘Staxtonbury’ Festival at the beginning of July and Headlined ‘Filey in the Park’ at the end of July. We’ve played in a Brewery, a Town Square and, for the Halifax, the Big Breakfast live in the centre of Scarborough. Our ‘Never Back Down’ single will be released on iTunes at the beginning of August, followed by all our releases so far and our fist album at the end of 2015.

2014 was also a busy year, the two track ‘DC Hero’ single led to 9 radio plays and winning a Radio station competition.  We opened the ‘Cottage Aid’ charity festival, had our own stage at Bridlington’s Old Town Festival 2014  and headlined the West Hill Carnival hosted by Marlon Dingle (aka Mark Charnock). The support from BBC Introducing is truly appreciated. Meeting someone who has heard your track on the radio is just amazing.

Martin Secker
Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals.
A former Yorkshire Young Musician, Martin has been playing guitar, writing songs and gigging since he was 13. Martin is a prolific song writer, inspired by the challenges that face young people.

Joe Yates
Joe has been drumming with Martin since they were 13. Band names have come and gone, but Joe continues to collaborate with Martin developing his approach to percussion.

Patrick Hogg
Bass Guitar and second Vocal.
Patrick has been playing bass guitar and gigging with Martin since he was 14 when they were both at school



2 responses

  1. ashleighcharismabrookevine

    you all look like really nice guys and you play some good music keep writing!x

    September 28, 2012 at 8:06 am

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. Watch out for our EP sample all original songs loading here soon. Stay happy. Martin, Patrick and Joe xxx

      November 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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