Star WarsFollowing our set at Cottage Aid 2014  ‘The Force is strong with this band… Freeze them in Carbonite until Cottage Aid 2015’ ‘Yes Lord Vader’ ‘Hang on we weren’t that bad…’
Live gig News 
We are back on the road in 2015 and are gigging more live.
Here are the gig dates for 2015
1st January 2015 Thursday      The Cottage, Hunmanby  ‘Happy New Year’ 
10th January 2015 Saturday    The Buccaneer, Filey                                             31st January 2015 Saturday     The Queens, Bridlington 
20th March 2015 Friday             The Cottage, Hunmanby
March recording ‘DC Hero EP’
NEW 5th April 2015 Easter Sunday      Nags Head, Scalby, Scarborough 
 8th April 2015  Wednesday                            Private Party Scarborough
10th April 2015  Friday                                    Private Party Bridlington
25th April 2015   Saturday            The Buccaneer, Filey  
1st May 2015                                       Orchard Farm Holiday Park
1st May 2015 Friday                         Orchard Farm Holiday Village 
2nd May 2015   Saturday              The Queens, Bridlington 
24th May 2015 Sunday         Friendly Forresters Charity Event, Bridlington
6th June 2015
7th June 2015 Sunday    Scarborough Town Centre (outside the Halifax)                                                                                                                 The Big Lunch
19th June 2015  Friday                     The Cottage, Hunmanby 
26th June 2015  Friday               The Newcastle Packet, Scarborough
27th June 2015  Saturday              Private Party Wold Top Brewery
28th June 2015 Sunday                       ‘Filey in The Park’  Filey
3rd July Friday                                       Staxtonbury
25th July Saturday Special Street Party 2015  The Cottage,Hunmanby
8th August 2015 Saturday         The Buccaneer, Filey 
5th September 2015 Saturday  The Queens, Bridlington 
12th September 2015 Saturday           Private Party Driffield
25th September 2015 Friday        The Cottage, Hunmanby 
2nd October 2015  Friday              The Newcastle Packet,Scarborough 
2nd October 2015  Friday          The Newcastle Packet,Scarborough 
24th October 2015 Saturday              Private Engagement Party Hartlepool 

9th October 2015 Friday                       Waves in Cleethorpes
17th October 2015  Saturday               The Buccaneer, Filey 
24th October 2015 Saturday         Private Engagement Party Hartlepool 
12th November 2015 Thursday          Martin House fund raiser                                                                                                    Pitcher& Piano York
5th December 2015 Saturday              The Buccaneer Filey
11th December 2015 Friday                         Waves, Cleethorpes
18th December 2015 Black Eye Friday          The Cottage, Hunmanby 
Older gig History
The Newcastle Packet Scarborough Saturday 22nd November
The Buccaneer Filey Saturday 29th November 2014
Myer’s Private Party  Hartlepool 15th November 2014
The Queens Old Town 8th November 2014
Private Party 10th October 2014
BBC Live recording Thursday 9th October listen on 11th October 2014
Sian’s Private Party Pocklington Friday 26th September 2014
The Newcastle Packet,  Scarborough Saturday 5th September 2014,
show did not take place as the Venue double booked us.
West Hill Community Festival Sunday 6th september (afternoon)
The Buccaneer Filey 6th September (evening) 2014
‘A great night and it’s Filey Festival every week at the Buccaneer’

Utopia Bridlington Friday 15th August 2014

Private Party Sunday 20th July 2014
The Buccaneer Filey  Saturday 26th July 2914
The Cottage Friday 1st August 2014
Old Town Festival Bridlington Sunday 29th June 2014
The Queens Hotel Bridlington  Saturday 5th July 2014
The Newcastle Packet Scarborough  Saturday 12th July 2014
The Newcastle Packet on Friday 13th June 2014
Opening ‘Cottage Aid’ at Hunmanby on Sunday 22nd June 2014
Friday 16th May 2014 at The Cottage in Hunmanby
Saturday 17th May 2014 at The Buccaneer in Filey
24th May 2014 Party in Doncaster
Saturday 5th April 2014 Private Party – Bridlington
We had a great time and judging by the reaction on Facebook
so did everyone there
Saturday 12th April 2014 The Queens Hotel Bridlington
A rare home town gig, what a great night.
Saturday 8th March 2014 The Buccaneer Filey
A great night with some lovely people
Friday 21st March 2014 The Newcastle Packet
a great atmosphere on a wild windy night.

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